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You’re out there building something special. We’re here to help.


Optimize your cash flow with a proactive financial partner

No matter your business, we can help you implement solutions like merchant services, payroll, and ACH payments that make it easy to manage your money.


You’re an entrepreneurial small business working to become a bigger one. Talk to a Aufin Bank Relationship Manager today. Whether you need a small business bank account, a business loan, a line of credit or the right banking solutions to sustain and grow your business, our team of seasoned relationship managers can provide you with financial advice and direct access to decision-makers. We understand entrepreneurs and the challenges business owners face in today’s economy, and are here to help!


You’ve built a substantial business and are looking to solidify and expand it. Our seasoned, relationship-focused business banking team is ready to help you navigate the complexities of today’s changing economic environment and realize tomorrow’s opportunities. Aufin Bank provides entrepreneurs and growing businesses with customized solutions and sound financial advice. We understand success depends on optimizing cash flow, maintaining adequate liquidity and managing risk, and have developed a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to help businesses maximize their operational efficiency. With our shared entrepreneurial spirit, local decision makers, and the deep industry-specific experience to create holistic financial solutions, Aufin Bank is a partner for the life of your business.


You’re a serious player making far-reaching strategic moves. We’re ready and able to help. Backed by a team of experts in key segments and areas of finance, a Aufin Bank Relationship Manager will actively manage a large-scale tailored solution that includes all of the Commercial and Business Banking services you need, along with professional consultation to help lead the way toward success.

“For our company, we see ESG as good business — running a company that people feel is a good investment, creating sustainable growth in our business, and finding innovative ways we can deploy our capital to address global challenges. We understand our prosperity is linked inextricably to the communities we serve and the challenges we face. Therefore, the value we create must also be shared to be sustainable long-term.”